Deep Dark

Written by: Louise Picek

My deep dark,
this evil dwelling in me.
It keeps me chained
in this prison nobody sees.
As my smile shines falsely like the moon
my heart stays cold.

My deep dark,
my secret place.
This life I live,
that I never want to embrace.
I fight the thoughts,
the lies,
but they still crush my days.

My deep dark, 
my disgrace,
shaming my desires,
fueling unrelenting perverse flames,
making me wonder
if I'll ever be safe.

My deep dark,
making me question God's grace.
How it reminds me
of my unforgivable ways.
It tells me I am fighting 
a battle that should last forever in this place.

My deep dark,
defeated within.
A light is all consuming
this deep dark can not exist.
Peace is overcoming,
love is overwhelming,
forgiveness is all reminding,
that my deep dark
has no strength
against the light that God's glory emits.