Corrals and Chutes

Written by: Glen Enloe

Mind all that your pa says
And don’t give him no reputes,
Sit quiet on the wood rail
Down by the corrals and chutes.

Don’t dally your digits
Or dive head long from a horse,
Listen to all your elders
And run your life to full course.

Appreciate grease wood
Ride your life free in wild sage—
Know you’ll not always be young,
And act older that our age.

Brush off your jeans real good
Whenever you do get throwed,
Don’t brag ‘bout a right answer,
That’s where real respect is sowed.

Be part of a question
But never the main worry, 
Take care in what you’re ropin’—
When you catch it, don’t hurry.

Be kind to all critters,
Give them respect they deserve—
Treat folks like you’d want to be
Treated – don’t you ever swerve.

Pass on all that you know
To those that now come after—
Your legacy’s in their minds
With your wise words and laughter.

And in your final years
Enjoy the rest that you’ve earned—
Think back on those before you,
Try to rebuilt bridges burned. 

Teach your kids the same thing
As they coach their own recruits—
Pass on the lessons learned
Down by the corrals and chutes.