Lifes friend

Written by: Charles Ruble

The time has come,I am at my lifes end,
But please carry on my lifetime friend.
Thats the way I want it,thats the way it should be,
You don't have to forget,live your life,just remember me.
The time has come,I must go,
Don't weep too long for that would hurt me so.
You have been a good companion throughout this time,
Our hearts were happy,yours and mine.
Please don't shed a tear,please don't cry,
It's a part of life,everyone must die.
Some say you don't die,what you are you will always be,
Even if only in a memory.
Take care my love,do what you must do,
But remember one thing,I will always love you.
I'll be watching you,even while you sleep,
Your precious smile I will always keep.
Good-bye you dear ole lifes friend,
We will meet again when your time on earth comes to an end.