Written by: Charles Ruble

I can remember,
When I was young and nieve,
You could tell me anything,
And in your word I would believe.

Lessons learned the hard way,
From my so called deepest friends,
I really didn't know any better,
Untill the bitter end.

So many friends,
Doing things they should not do,
Then they tell you,
I did it why can't you?

But I wised up,
I learned and became sound,
Now I am thirty-eight,
And most of my friends are in the ground.

Some of them from drugs,
Most of them from booze,
They just couldn't learn,
But they learned they could loose.

Listen to your gut feeling,
If it does not feel right,
Don't do it then,
Keep your perspective in sight.

For if they don't like you,
It's not all that bad you see,
Because friends that force you,
Were never meant to be.