Musing or Amuseing Part 2

Written by: Marycile Beer

	I like it when I go with one of them as I don't have to drive and I can enjoy 
God's  wonders.  Yesterday our tank fitting took us east to the town of Douglas.  As we 
passed through an area where derricks and pumps replaced the ranching scenes I once 
again though of another time when I contemplated the origin or fossil fuel. I know in Ash Fall, 
Nebraska they have found hundreds of Rhinoceros fossils. They were killed by the volcanic 
ash that fell and suffocated them as they were in or near a water hole.  Camels, horses, and 
numerous other creatures of the now African plains were also destroyed at this time. I went 
by this fantastic place on one of my trips out here to Wyoming.  But they were to close to the 
surface to be used for fossil fuel.  I then began to picture various dinosaurs and wondered 
which was at the bottom of each of these wells. And that led to another picture.  What if one 
of these monsters was riding around with me in my van. After all I have to use oil to keep it 
in working condition. Was it like Sue, a T-Rex, or maybe a Raptor. Then I got a little nervous 
because I do a lot of long distance traveling. What if I should have trouble?  Could that mean 
that it were possibly coming back to life?  And perhaps out alone on one of these trips they 
could.......  Then I took a deep breath and pictured a mastodon because they were native to 
this area also. If it should turn out that were the animal at least it could possibly be another 
means of transportation.