My Lover's Lair

Written by: Kuwabo Mubyana

Here I lie, happy, in my lover's lair
And dream of us intertwined, naked and bare.
The rings in his biceps...
The rings in his hair...
My hero, my angel, Adonis debonair.

Eyes, ocean blue with mackerel here and there...
That's how I choose to describe my lover's stare.
One fleeting glance and I'm forever in his snare,
Too entranced and enthralled to tell circle from square.

His rosy, protuberant lips stand out like a dare,
Oh what a cunning and scheming pair!
Life, I've found, is so very unfair;
My stupid lover knows not that I'm there!

To all the love-seekers, I must say, "Beware!"
To love and be loved has always been rare.
We're loath to change, we'd rather stitch our heart's tear,
Hence here I lie in my lovely lover's lair.