the box

Written by: mike bross

I keep a box of memories
it’s safely tucked away
but now and then and then again 
I bring it out to play

a marble here a matchbook there
and pictures one or two
of things I’ve done and wars I’ve won
and yes there's one of you

my father’s broken pocket watch
my mother’s broken dreams 
my sons first tooth, a letter home
and empty space it seems

oh yes sweetheart I see them now 
the feathers gold and blue
I marked them with the day and date 
of nineteen ninety two

and here's the twigs I kept for you 
from your father's nest
and tufts of down to comfort you 
from your mother's breast

and yes sweetheart I understand
I dearly love you too
and if I could I’d spread my wings
and fly away with you