Ms Rowberry

Written by: Mehak Kawatra

your smiles,
are broad grins,
that take us miles.
your always 
organizd and tidy,
fresh and ready,
devoted and unique,
thats all you ms rowberry.
luck on our side,
to be with you.
this year has been a smooth ride,
and a fun one too!!!
your warmth,
is like a fire,
in a hearth of a home
where the christ lies,
in soul.
and love is always on roam.
the cherry on the ice-cream,
the icing in the cake,
the chocolatey goodness all in the bake!
you give all the sweetness,
one can take!
stay like this forever,
with your mathematical ways of living
and your scientifical wayz of thinking!
your made to be special,
your made to be classy,
and your made to be the best.
your beauty astounds us
your security is always around us.
the gift of god,
has bin gifted to you,
a sage you are to use it wisely!
thank-you for a great year!!
you are a fairy
with white wings,
so fly..................
oh ms rowberry!!!!!!