An Aristocrat Wedding

Written by: Mehak Kawatra

A sacred day,
A sacred way,
Of coupling together.

The queen sent her crier,
"Inform the crowd,
Of a wedding in town,
My prince is in love,
I couldn't be more proud!"
Said her majesty.

Set down away the crier left,
In hopes of passing
That joyful message.
He reached the town
And began his chant;

“Hear me hear me,
A royal message
Comes you way,
Listen carefully,
It’s from far far away!

Decorate your town,
Love birds come your way
As wedding bells will soon ring away

The royal prince is in love,
With his beloved,
They will ride this path,
He fulfilled his covet
Of being the new soon king.

A wedding is here now
As all are invited,
Bring your family
Bring your friends
It’s a celebration
With no bends

The castle is far by
Invitations will be sent
The occasion is here
Every one is invited!!"

And with that,
He got on his horse,
After his course,
Going back to the palace.

"Good day!"
He said wishing the queen
"Duties have been done
And now it's time for fun"
He finished.

"Indeed crier,
My desires have come alive
It’s an aristocrat wedding
It has to be unique
It an aristocrat wedding
It has to be of speak
Everyone should have it on their lips,
Because its and aristocrat wedding!!!