Written by: Lisa Youssef

What a wonderful day it was
When no one was watching the stars but us
Holding hands under the shiny sky
Watching the stars in each others eyes

You made me love my life
I even wanted to become your wife
You became the reason of my happiness
You got me out of all my stress

But important things took you away
You said it won’t take you more than a few days
Please, do hurry and come back my dear
Cause these days are passing like years

Telling my secrets to the rain
Telling without him I'm going insane
Sending letters with birds that are immigrating
Sending kisses with spring’s soft wind

Tell him stars how much I want to be with him
Tell him about him are all my dreams
Guard him angels from any harm and enemy
You know how much he means to me

Tell me moon how is he doing?
Is he happy or in need of anything?
Bring me his news every night
Don’t let me sleep feeling not all right

Let me know sun when he comes home
I'm sick of being all alone
Wake me up with a beam
Then let me tell how much I've missed him