My White Lavender

Written by: Mari Nova

To My Daughter…

Stars were so shiny, 
Lighting the world.
Ding-Dong… Reminding: 
“Winter is cold”.
Last month, December,
New Year’s Night.
Born to remember:
“Life is your pride.”
Living unhappy, - 
Makes you a fool.
Being sad and crappy, -
Isn’t a rule?
Fight for your meaning,
Reaching the Sun.
Here comes your dreaming:
She is the One…
Born between Christmas
And New Year’s Night.
She is your distance,
Her name is Light.
Born in December,
Small pretty Girl.
My White Lavender,
My Winter Pearl…

The color of hope… 
The color of flight… 
The color of dreaming... 
The color of light…

August 04, 2008