Last Winter Dance

Written by: Mari Nova

Train has moved. 
Winter snow is falling.
Cup of tea on the table is hot.
I am leaving this town,
My heart’s mourning:
It’s been left and forgotten by God.
What is going to happen tomorrow ?
My good luck now in somebody’s hand.
And I miss you already with sorrow,
Fairy Tale with no happy end… 

Singing whistle of train.
I am flying by passing by…
Station goes away, disappears in a snow.
Don’t you ask me to stay.
It’s my last kiss, it means: “Good-Bye…”
I am leaving tonight 
To the dark endless road.

Early morning…
The sunrise is lazy
And the wheels are so stubborn to turn.
Every mile my heart goes so crazy,
It’s been whispering: “You should return...”
All the memories light up the fire,
In my heart you and me, no one else.
If it was just my only desire, -
I would never perform this last dance.

August 2008