The Gift of Faith

Written by: Ed Coet

People ask, “Do you have faith?”
Well, do you?
How do you know?
Do you even know the meaning of faith?

Can you comprehend “obligation?”
Do you understand “loyalty and fidelity”
to a person, promise, engagement, or a diety?
Can you accept the observance of your obligations,
the fidelity to your promises, oaths, and allegiances?
If so, your are blessed with faith.
If not, you are hopelessly devoid of faith’s essence.

The value of faith cannot be measured.
It is more precious then any commodity 
and cannot be bought nor sold.
If you lack it, faith is only
accessible through prayer.
No one is worthy of faith
and faith is never based on proof.

Faith is a heavenly gift, 
a gift from “The Holy Spirit.”
It is neither earned or deserved 
and ought never be taken for granted.
Faith permits acceptance of our “Lord and Savior”
and HIS “Holy Sacrifice”
that alone can save our souls.

Faith is your connection to the divine.
If you lack faith, pray for it.
If you have faith, cherish it.