Beyond shadows

Written by: andreea agarlita

I see how the shadows are lost in my sight,
I hear the silence that shout me her pain...
the sunset in the end, sadly is singing
a trail of the dead wind.

rivers of immortals whispers some moments ,
the nature is taking the springs in her arms,
from the deep sky in the world are falling
the breath and the thoughts of so many lives.

I hear how the time cries with his fear,
I follow the light that lifts me away,
the time is climbing on my frozen lips
and I burn in a chaos of stars.

above me ,the night is throwing with white sparks,
so cold and lonely in her amazing light...
a bell is singing somewhere in the dark
an anthem who gets lost in the sea.

build upon broken blue glass
the ocean of faith from us starts to flow,
drops of wormwood comes to extinguish my thirst
and my soul begins to cry.

around me the warm air is moving so slow,
above the thoughts that burned by the years,
and freezes the many trails of the sun,
on the long wide path of life.

I'm stoned, I see the death that touch me,
I hug the emptiness that flows from the clouds,
the light puts away the shadows of the evening,
and I get lost in the world of silence.