Forever young

Written by: Bridget Aubrey

Forever young

The wind, the clouds, every ray of molten sunlight
brings us joy and beauty.
This much wonder in every day lifts my spirit,
carries me into the future.

Watching nature tells me that we are wise
when we are born,
that we will be forever young.
This knowledge is in every one of us,
 it sweeps our  doubts away and lets us live.

People I see smile, the toddlers grin,
 and the wizened old man has a twinkle in his eye.
They are the wise ones, old as well as young. 
Life teaches us to live.

 Don't be afraid to grow older.
It is the law of the universe.
"Energy can only change form, it cannot die."

 Who are we to doubt God's wisdom?
God, who shows us how amazing nature
 renews itsself continuously,
how there is peace, beauty and wonder,
and only humans create war, crime and racism.

Let nature be your guide.
Enjoy every moment, 
and believe in Life.