Endless lies

Written by: Robyn Blauw

I’m sitting here so quietly
I’m licking at my wounds
I’m feeling myself shutting down
And feel my life is doomed

Too much hurt I harbour here
And feel a lack of cares
It’s all so easy I find them say
To know that I’m not there

My restless spirit in me
Is tired of the pain
It wants to take off from here
No more of this lifes games

I’ve had enough of caring
I’ve had enough of love
I’ve had enough of friends who leave
And say its all too hard

It’s easy to say caring words
It’s easy to say love
Its actions that do speak to me
I feel truth from above

So many times I’ve felt too deep
So many times I’ve cried
I feel like now just closing down
Let my truth I feel reside

So go you there with endless lies
I’m better off alone
I’ve no faith left inside me now
To search for that unknown