Written by: Robyn Blauw

Again I feel confusion
Not knowing what you mean
I don’t know if its an ending
Or were this life begins

Not sure with what I’m feeling
I know I’m feeling lost
Can’t understand your words here
Don’t know what your words cost

One day I thought had something
Worth more than weigh of gold
And then there is a culling
No choice then; just was told

Thought your words meant more here
Thought I had a friend to keep
Thought one day to meet you
For a face to words I seek

I don’t mind your girlfriend
You live so far away
But just to cut me off then
Again I feel betrayed.

Do I have a fault here
My want for friends to keep
Can’t understand that ends when
You feel your mate you meet.

I’ve really had enough now
Too often I do find
That people can say one thing
Then show a different mind