Life's Breath

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

Just as God breathed the ‘Breath of Life’ into the first man,
when it comes time that we draw our last breath,
that very breath of life returns unto God
and we lay at rest until the day the trumpet blows.

When that last trumpet blows,
God breathes out the breath of life once more
and all we Christians that lay in rest will rise up
praising and giving glory to Christ our King.

And we will stand with Him in all His glory
as angels sing and trumpets blast
we will see Jesus reign over all creation
The King of kings and Lord of lords.

His return will be a  spectacular sight
it will take the very breath of the unbeliever,
they will fall down in sorrow, never to rise again
for His Kingdom is at hand, His glory reigns.

Let my rest be short, and my slumber quick
for I long for the sound of the trumpet
to see Him coming to take us home
is all my heart does hunger for.