Give me it back

Written by: Swarnapali Liyanage

Forbiddings bind me at age 
Hope me to be ripe in discipline 
My golden childhood beloved 
was carefree realm, dawn of life 
Flying a kite ran all over meadow 
On granny's cuddly lap I listened tales 
Hoping at gate dad's coming from work 
Dreamed hugging a doll 
while mom rocked me to sleep 
I yearn those cherished memories back 
No matter how much they cost 
Behind church in a secret cave 
shared our sweets among girls 
Hid in attic from grandpa's cane 
Gleaned fingerling at near by book 
Plucked wild flowers for her vase 
at backyard thicket with mom 
Take my wealth and reputation all 
Give me precious childhood back again 

            By Swarnapali Liyanage