A Reply to a Response

Written by: Aaron Crow

This is a reply to "Response to A Fool's Love" from Nicholas Westernhausen, another
PoetrySoup member.

Perhaps by strife we'll find ourselves,
I pray that this is true.
All I can do is make the choice,
And hope that You are there.

But even as I write this now,
I realize something pure.
You've given us the choice to make
Because You know us well.

You know that deep within our hearts
We long for what is right.
For after all, man and woman
Were made in Your image.

If this is true, then we have hope!
What greater strength than this is there?
We have the light of God within
Our souls. Now death will have no sting!
The sins of flesh are naught but that,
And God has handed to us grace;

The grace that washes souls of sin,
The grace that gives us hope.