Leave Your Best

Written by: John Summers

Within these corridors of time
Our works are carved in stone.
We do not view for judgment; 
That task is God’s alone.

They serve as a reminder
Of conditions that we share, 
The frailties of the human heart, 
The longing and despair.

Grievous crimes are scattered here, 
How inhuman we can be.
Such murdering and suffering
Throughout our history.

Yet portions of the hallway
By far out shine the rest, 
Within we find the evidence
Of mankind at his best.

There are those who search and labor
To ease the pain and strife, 
Looking for solutions
To improve our way of life.

And others; always giving 
Of their treasures, toil, and time; 
Holding out a helping hand
To everyone they find.

To those of you who hear my voice 
Your works put to the test,
Something here you have to leave; 
Be sure it is your best.