Water Wheels

Written by: pc arod192

Beyond the great unknown that lay
     Before the whisp'ring evening chill
From out this blackness someone hums
     a lonely hymn that lulls the hills

          and lulls the hills
               and lulls them still

This soul oft stayed up late at night
     To write and hum of love and zeal
As moonlight filters through the leaves
     and rivers turn the water wheels

          and turns the wheels
               and turns them still

But Azrael brought to a halt
     The squeaking of his busy quill
and ink that splattered on the floor
     Shall summon bells to toll and peal
          to toll and peal
               and toll on still

For out beyond the great unknown
     Before the nights that froze and chill
A soul departs to hum the hymn
     His song of love beyond the hills

          beyond the hills
               and yonder still

And he shall write of love no more
     His quill and paper on the floor
For love has long since gone before
     and life from him forevermore
               forever still

As prone he lay upon the floor

          all cold and stiff
               and colder still

As rivers turn the waterwheels

          and turns the wheels
               and turns them still