I will never know.

Written by: carl dunford

How it feels to be
 with you,
 to walk along the shore,
 to whispear in your ear.
 take away all your fears,
 to grow old through the years.
 These I will never know.
 I can only imagine,how
 it would be.
 You and me,
 we were never meant to be,
 the time was too late,
 when I met you,
 we both knew.
 The clock, we could
 not turn back,
 it would have caused too much pain,
 to me this was no game.
 My intentions were true,
 I was in love with you.
 you did not feel the same,
 too many things in the way,
 happy as friends to stay.
 Till this day I have a place,
 for you in my heart,
 at least that's a start,
if you feel the same,
 I  hope so,
 I will never know.