Take me away

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

In the heavens I look deeply at night
seeking what I may see    
penetrating unending vastness
with my eyes and heart I seek

All else fades away into the night
as my search continues for hours on end
passing by stars, planets and solar systems I look
searching for the one I long deeply for

For on this earth is where I am
but elsewhere is where I long to be
heartache and crying are my daily companions
without these ... I could gladly be

Is it me or do others feel this way?
That this is not where I am suppose to be
For I long for a place, that in my mind, I can see
yet seems so far from reality

I call out crying into the night
my soul does deeply ache
come take me away from this horrid plight
that I may be ever so sweetly consoled

So life is not that exciting to me here
when I look to the heavens, I see
a greater, more glorious, spacious place
that was prepared just for me

But alas, just as everyone, I must wait for the day
when my love, my beloved arrives in His glory
it is then that He will take me away
so to the heavens I continue to gaze