We We We

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" We We We "

It truly amazes me
you make me feel excited
a couple we have become
thats one together united
I want to be with only you
forever and a while
you are the special one
who really makes me smile.

You and I together
are given this special chance
our fate was brought together
through this bonding romance
this relationship means everything
a meaningufl future is in store
I have never felt like this
unlike those I loved before.

I want to spend all my time
with you and I together
its only you that I want
I'll stay with you forever
my love for you gets deeper
and its growing stronger
our time together is not enough
I wish that it were longer.

I have changed my way of thinking
in single terms of me
a beautiful young couple growing
now blooming into we
my life is changing for the better
its no longer me me me 
I've fallen deep in love with you
and now its We We We...

Penned By MPK