You Are So Real

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" You Are So Real "

Am I the one
he is looking for
is it God knocking
on my heart's door
he wants to free me
from my sins
he has been pleading
to come in.

A pure person is what
he wants me to be
and reveal all the things
of god to me
he wants to fill me
with his graceful love
and my sin filled life
will all dissolve.

My whole life
is now enhanced
our forgiving god
gave me another chance
cleanse my body fully
through and through
what a special feeling
to be blessed by you.

I love you for removing
my pain and strife
I sincerely welcome you
into my life
what a beautiful love
and peace I feel
I truly understand now
You Are So Real...

Penned By MPK