Offbeat Family

Written by: Adrian Pantonial

Written: 20Sept1999—1:10AM-Monday

There is a house
Build in dreams
And hollow blocks
Of memories.
Somewhere, in this big world
Five hearts ached…
From the pain of losing.
Their father died in grief,
Their mother—
Walked away in vanity.
What else is there that’s left?
These poor, helpless souls;
Gasping for air to breathe,
Reaching out for warmth,
Searching for meaning
Of their existence.
Like birds in the nest,
They’re not yet ready to fly
But always trying,
Have given up crying
But not the dream of flying.
Every fall, every wound,
Every broken wing,
They heal each other
With their own medicine—
The bond which holds them together
Would always be enough. 
Laughter and tears they shared
Through the ever changing seasons.
Fears and worries concealed
That tides of time wash away.
Staying close together
Is already hard.
Living right in people’s scrutiny
Is even harder.
But who’s to tell them what is right?
Only the chosen few who truly care.
Trust cannot be bought but earned.
There is a house
I called home…
And this is my story 
Of an offbeat family.