Sad Falling Tears

Written by: Mickey Pig Knuckles

" Sad Falling Tears "

A sadness overcomes me while laying in bed
no one to see these tears that I hurtfully shed
broken hearted thoughts is all thats in my mind
leaving the precious memories all so far behind.

These broken hearted thoughts will not pass by
trying to move forward with some happiness I try
you were my protector, my love, my everything
until you decided on that sinful wild fling.

Pressing forward to journey where nothing seems fair
wondering what happened to the love we did share
fading memories of you are falling out of my heart
forever to feel this pain from when we did part.

The sad memories are dancing deep inside of my soul
I have fallen further than a six foot deep hole
I am trying to get out but with very little hope
I just don't know how that I am going to cope.

I once believed that I saw some love in your eye
even a romantic heartbeat with a happy sigh
your love has proven to me the worst of my fears
there is no one here to dry these Sad Falling Tears...

Penned By MPK