The Godfather Part Three The Best One

Written by: karen feist

When I noticed the contest backed by John Heck
I just had to enter it, my house is a wreck.
The cleaning can wait I said to myself
My husband, the dinner as well, on the shelf.

A rhyme about movies would be fun to write
I'll sit here all day and maybe all night
Before I remember the last one I saw
Without interruption - was it Joey ZsaZsa?

Godfather Part Three, I remember it well
It was four in the morning.  I was in a hotel.
I had seen bits and pieces over the years
Andy Garcia, the Pope, and the tears!

I stayed up all night and had breakfast in bed
Check-out at noon... my eyes filled with dread
Get it together, get packed and get out
And that is the movie that I'll write about!

Now what is the title of this movie poem?
It ended up being about going home.
Four hours of film and all that she wrote
Was a rhyme about check-out that mentioned the Pope.

I'll call it The Godfather, Part Three, the best one.
Since most of you've seen it at least in re-run,
I don't have to go into much more detail
Just copy and paste, push send and e-mail!