Me Being Me

Written by: Astrid Ivy Gibbs

I know that I'm intense and sometimes I can be dark. 
I'm adventurous by nature, and always ready to embark.

If your senses elevate, I do not mean to be a tease.
My mind stays stimulated, so I feel the need to please.

I'm not angry or sadistic, and this you need to know.
Sometimes I'm masochistic but my bruises never show.

I am by no means lonely - to the point I sit and cry,
but I am only human so I might let out a sigh.

I use to be quite selfish, and would tend to go astray.
I broke up with some lovely girls who loved me anyway. 

There was a girl, God only knows my love for her was strong.
I left her for a good reason, but my method was so wrong.

Eyes of blue you haunt me; tiny dancer in my bar. 
Why did I let you leave intoxicated in your car?

I did not mean to go there; why I did I'm not quite sure.
Perhaps my mind is mending and my heart is still with her.

As far as what I want to do despite the things I've done?
Would be to share my lessons earned; no cost to everyone!