Ghost Cowboy on the Wind

Written by: Glen Enloe

As deep thunder in the distance growls,
I ponder now just how to begin,
This dark story mid coyote howls
Of the ghost cowboy on the wind.

It began upon a stormy night
With soft pounding rain like horse’s hoof—
And I could not sleep, try as I might,
With that tempest hard on my roof.

The blind lightning lit and shook the room,
The horses cried and paced the corral—
They seemed to sense an impending doom,
But they or I did not know how.

Then the cabin door blew open wide
And I heard his spurs now clear as sin—
There was no place that my mind could hide
From that ghost cowboy on the wind.

Then guns like thunder roared in the night
And a hot rain of blood slapped my face—
I fired wild and cursed with all my might
As I heard his boots run from that place.

The storm is gone now and skies are clear,
But I ride toward clouds like long lost kin—
Thunderheads in the west are now near—
I am that ghost cowboy on the wind.