Still Ridin'

Written by: Glen Enloe

(for Badger Clark)

Oh, when mornin’ wind blows away your memory
And all the bad things in your life go to hidin’—
When you grip tight the reins upon that short grass sea,
Then you hold on for your life and go a ridin’.

A ridin’, ridin’, away from all of the earth,
Away from the low hum of the city and lights—
A ridin’ now free as that first day of birth—
A ridin’ so furious toward that last dark night.

Yes, the wind in your hair and a spirit now free
Call deep down to your soul as you pull your mount still—
You run without runnin’ – fly past river and tree—
As one now with your horse till you reach that last hill.

A ridin’, a ridin’, we all ride toward the crest—
A ridin’, a ridin’, till we pull up and rest.