Two ships.

Written by: carl dunford

Like two ships in the night
 we pass by.
 Have you wondered why.
 What if we stopped along 
 the way,
 could you think of,
 some thing to say.
 I am sure if it came,
 to that, it would be
 more,than plain old chat.
 We have some thing,
 that bonds you and I,
 some thing that you can 
 feel but carn't see,
 some thing special,
 between you and me.
 I don't need to say,
 I think you know,
 some thing that has a 
 chance to grow.
 Like all things ,
 it starts of small,
 you have to nurture it,
 if you want it at all.
 And with the passing of time,
 what's mine is your's,
 and your's is mine,
 you want no more,
 then I will quitely,
 close the door.