Today. Tomorrow.

Written by: Miranda Bell

What would you say if I asked you to move in closer?
Lean into me.
Let me be so close I can see the dust on your eyelashes
and smell the fresh cut grass from outside.

Lean in closer to me
So I can pick out all the shades of brown in your eyes.
Let me be so close I can feel your breath
Against my cheek.

Hold me a little closer so I can FEEL your smile
Roll through my body like the waves of a tsunami.
Keep me so close so I can count every glint,
Every sparkle in your eye.

Speak to me of dreams and emotions
So I can fade away into something beyond this idea of reality
Where there is no one but you and I
And the nothingness around us.

Stare at me again with all of your intensity
And hold your gaze.
Allow me the time to wink at you
And smile in childish fulfillment.

Cling me to your skin and wrap your arms around me
And tell me how you feel.
What you see.
So I may know that tomorrow is worth striving for.