To The Lady Of Shallot

Written by: Swarnapali Liyanage

To The Lady Of Shallot 
The gallent woman of love 
You're a beloved dove; 
Enticed by a glamorous knight 
Left the tower to get his sight; 
Immortal love faded away 
Among the wispen willows faraway; 
He saw the beauty of pale face 
While you were rest in peace. 
Oh! poor lady of Shallot 

I caught a reflection 
It led me to an affection; 
A worrier in his attires 
Adorned with arms and laurels; 
Through the dark still shadows 
Beneath the silver moon and stars; 
I rowed to "Camelot" 
To be with my "Lancelot". 
Dear, my lady of Shallot 

He was at the quay 
Elated eyes were in play; 
With a warm embrace 
We started life the race; 
No more than three days 
I learned his dirty ways; 
He was in all 
Villain , thief and ghoul; 
It was my curse 
I wish I would pause; 
I was whipped , kicked and whacked 
Burnt with a hot iron on my thighs and back; 
rooted hair and nails out 
Punched my nose, it bled out; 
Kept me in brutality 
My child faced fatality; 
Her stiffed cold body 
buried in a deep lake muddy. 
Help me! the lady of Shallot 

That night was long and foggy 
Quiet and dark it could be; 
I awoke by feelings provoked 
Gathered my courage to hold the sword; 
Pierce each cell in his body 
Till I felt dizzy and giddy; 
Stepping over his ruthless blood 
I ran as fast as my legs fled. 
Mercy upon me! the lady of Shallot 

I got a hideout 
A broken mirror was found out; 
Solitary unkempt tapestry 
I solved the mystery; 
Fixed mirror gives illusory reflections 
I'll weave tapestry with new paragons; 
I forgot my tune I can't sing again 
I want to be alone here without pain. 
Forgive me! the lady of Shallot