Poetical dwelling of the heirs of Cain

Written by: Ovidiu Bocsa

The faith of Ioan of Karpathos,the beauty` eyes,
The love of beautiful of those woken up in holiness
Brought eternity`s grace in the fire in the ice…
New living flowers will girdle the world’s wholeness:
The angels` ears with heavenly tune we borrow soon; 
Both tender feelings and hopes may grow alone
And only lovers can find the smile of silver moon 
With any dream and sweet desire, when sin is gone:
In other realm of ice or maybe fire, we may live
But similar self-reconciliation and sweet serenity’s truth;
The saints, the heroes and wise men know eternity’s roof.
The love’s heart’s supposed masters can retrieve
Good News of poetical dwelling of the heirs of Cain.
We pay this way with our sin, with suffering and pain.