We Shall Be Remembered

Written by: TAE JUN CHA

Oh, happy memories, 
Never you fade away.
For without your stories, 
My life would be so gray.

I can remember everything;
From the first to the last,
But time would not allow such a thing,
For he is mean and aghast.

But from time to time,
I shall remember each one,
And mock the clock's chime, 
Until my time is already done.

To turn back our past, 
I would love to do so.
But if so, my conscience would not last, 
For no fun exists with no woe.

Let us be satisfied with us now, 
And let us make most of things to come,
Then we shall again be happy somehow,
 And we shall all come under one home.

All of us were beautiful lovers, 
So were we trustworthy friends.
One day we shall pick up some clovers, 
And sing together again, until our ends.