They fly in the sky, they sail the sea.
They walk on land to keep us free.
The world is proud, the world will smile
Oh, dear lord help us now!
They live each day with danger in the way.
Please,  lord, keep them safe.
Those we lost we mourn each day;
Those who fight are still in harm's way.
I pray each day to hear everyone say'
These are heroes in a very special way.
The hero is you, and you it will be 
That makes this whole world free.
The world is not blind,
The world can see
Who are those heroes that keep us free.
Free to love and  free to smile
Free to live and be proud
You are my hero strong and brave
Even on those rainy days.
We thank you each day for making us safe.
We thank you each day with god's grace.
Be safe and be proud
For we will see you in a little while.