No Love Lost

Written by: Des Juan Richardson

                                                 Times are so very different
                           You and I are no longer on terms of endearment
                                                As twisted as it may sound
                                                My love for you is continual
                                    Although, my adoration, trust and respect
                                                    Now are all conditional
                                        We produced a miracle six years ago
                        That miracle personified the essence of my existence
                                        My love flows bottomless for your role
                                                  In my son’s earthly presence
                                      For that, respect I yield to you at any cost
                                               I thank you deeply and eternally
                                                     There was No Love Lost

                                                Remember when your smile
                                           Could melt my heart on command
                                                      I adored you immensely
                                               It was an honor to be your man
                                                   Trust was our real dilemma
                                      And the catalyst for our marital implosion
                                              Respect was infected terminally
                                              Leaving nothing to build on …only
                                            Traces of ash from love’s corrosion
                              Reality suggests, our foundation was built on lies
                              Consequently, it crumpled ferociously plummeting
                                                           hard to the ground
                                                  Still there was No Love Lost
                                       True love for us…really was never found