For my muse.

Written by: carl dunford

 Hello , you know who,
you are, can not say,
your name, but you,
know all the same.
 I have started writing again,
for you.
It's some thing I  have to do.
You are the one, who knows.
what's in my heart,
you are the one who inspires me,
opened my eyes to poetry.
You are my secret love,
when the time is right,
I will tell you above.
You are the one, who ,
held my hand tight,
when we walked, along,
the beach, late at night.
With you I went to Paris and Rome,
with out  leaving home.
We even walked along the China wall,
with you in my arms, I felt so tall.
Yes it's thanks to you, 
that I write here now,
expressing my feelings, on the net.
Thinking of you, in all I write,
My muse, My friend,
I love you so,
just wanted, you to know.