The Promise of Love

Written by: Rasheal Timm

Regret written on our foreheads,
With invisible ink,
That only we can see,

I wish things could've been different,
But how great would things be,
Who knows what a minor change would bring,

I had given up,
My heart became numb,
I didn’t care,
About anyone who was there,

I had wept,
As a mental picture of you crept,
Through my mind,
Forgetting the bread crumbs behind,

The future is where our love stands,
Waiting for us to entwine our  hands,
I would be there till the end of the earth,
I would be exactly what you deserve,

Not even time will hold us apart,
For I gave my heart,
And I can’t buy it back,
Your stuck with my love and I’m sorry about that,

I can’t promise you we would last,
Only time can tell that,
I can promise you  I love you,
No matter what separates our path.
                            Rasheal L. Timm