Heart Broken A Thousand Times

Written by: Eli Moon

My heart had broken a thousand times
It was never fix ever since 
They are memories of everything in your life
They are the punishments of my deep sins

Shattered to pieces
Broke me apart
I burst into tears with pain
On the moment you broken my heart

I kept my pain hidden everytime I see you
Hoping my heart will be fixed once
Hopes were just hopes 
It had never came true once

How long can I stay alive?
How long can my heart stays at its place
My heart had been broken a thousand times
And these pieces of memories could not be erased

Dying without happiness
I took all the sins you had
I took all the pain you gained
And threw it away
In the end, you broke my heart in return
This heart that stays in my life
This heart that had been broken a million times