Written by: Jane Bowen

Grieve your apathy.... you no longer care
Life is all that hell has to share 
My friend 
          My foe
                      My valiant steed.....
You are more than love shall ever need
Look deep inside when walls are weak
Growth is wisdom
                  inside …so to speak
So lighten your heart....Live not for yesterday
Lift your broken spirit that has pained its way
Brush yourself off again...and again 
                                            .........if you must 
Beware there is no remedy there but self trust~
I beg you please.....do your best to understand
That Life is Hell  ......and Hell is Life
Know the past minute was a bit of strife
There are none who strive more in Satan's hand
Hence.....Live past the pain ....of course it is hard
                             ...that is why we are who we are
Nothing worth gaining in life will be easy
Be true to the truth and stop yourself cold
Satan waits in a bag only weakness unfolds~