Remnants of a First Kiss

Written by: Des Juan Richardson

Remember our first kiss
Innocent curiosity fueled its passionate nature
Instinctive vibes of infatuation enslaved us
Instantly connecting us with that kiss, I’ll forever savor

Relentless hunger for another kiss of its capacity
Ignited utopian flames of forbidden desires
Singes from a magical infernal brands my conceding soul
Leaving traces of yearning feelings, inflamed by the molesting fires

I never thought one kiss – could hold so much
Emotional attraction and exquisite sentiments
Was it mere lustful yearnings; that pampered
And nurtured my heart’s newly found contentment

This longing to hold you and touch you has grown immensely
Ignoring my internal winds of caution, reaching new heights of anticipation
Crazed and overwhelmed by the injection of emotions
Infatuation dissipated quickly, leaving feelings of warmth and aspiration

These sensual feelings cannot yet be fully recognized
Yet, they are much too precious to just be ignored
Mystery sustains our beguiling magic, enchanting our hearts
With passion and perplexity presenting a new reality for us to analyze and explore