The mysterious Stranger

Written by: Eunice Apil

Who is this stranger,
that spares nobody?
Rich or poor, young and old,
Royal or common, 
It spares none!
Who is this stranger,
that comes like a bad storm 
and does nobody good?
Who is this stranger, 
that is around us all the time,
watching and waiting to knock on our door anytime?
Who is this stranger waiting to snatch from us, 
the minute we make a mistake?
Who is this stranger?

Who is this unwanted visitor,
that comes to pay us a visit at odd times?
Who is this unwanted visitor that comes to us uninvited?
Who is this visitor, 
that surprises us with it’s visit without letting us know?

I hear it whispering an answer,
saying that it is just a Gardner weeding, 
It’s garden to get rid of the weeds. 
It says it must weed out the old so the new can inherit.
It says it must weed out some flowers so as to avoid competition.
It says must weed out the old empire, 
with old ideas so as to create a new one with new ideas.

But must this Gardner, 
weed out  even the newly born! 
Must it even take away the strong healthy flowers!
Must it weed from even the less privileged with nothing!
This is a Gardner,
Whose ways are mysterious and complex to understand?