Deceptive Endearments

Written by: abbas kiamiri

All I've got now,is a picture of ours 
Kissing me for last time,taken indoors 
Reminiscing the love,I once knew 
the passion and pleasures,which won't renew 

Holding that picture,I look in your eyes 
Can't beleive,your words were mere lies 
you took a vow, only to be breached 
deceptive endearments,were what you preached 

Thinking with you,I could have shared dreams 
You behaved like a thief of heart, it seems 
Regretting the waste and the time I've lost 
Sweet revenge is ,what I think of, the most 

Did I not measure to your falttering needs? 
Capricious ires,may have failed your deeds? 
Focussing the picture,now,I utter a sigh 
wondering what went wrong? how? and why?