Dare Yourself...to dream! (The Spiritual Dream)

Written by: Nadine Fababier

It is the future a mother would want for her baby
It is the changes a little girl visualizes of what she is as a lady
It is the long awaited moment that a lover would try to borrow
and the road a young confused traveler would dare to follow

It is the chivalric badge a knight wishes to carry
It is the peaceful life a soldier wants to live after a night very scary
It is the freedom a sinner wants to achieve as he says I’m sorry
and the way a fairy tale princess would love to end her story

It is the prince charming a small girl always fancy
It is the depth a diver would swim on the vast blue sea
It is the reason why queen Gorgo would still wait for her king
and the happiness of an ant when it flew on one of an eagle’s wing

It is the castle why the homeless would always pray
It is the treasure why a vagabond would wander everyday
It is the love and trust the prodigal son wants to regain
and the cure a survivor would like to have after all life’s pain

It is a vision beyond the human eyes
It is everyone’s own until one dies
It the dreams why people faces the world stronger
Our very own dream to nurture and our dream to conquer

Dreams that were given to all of us for free
Dreams that give us the determination to become what we want to be
Dreams that make us feel like a soaring falcon
and dreams that grant us the will to move on

Dreams that make us an individual distinctive from the rest
and dreams that made many known and unknown people become the best
Dreams that are becoming diverse as light turns blue to green
Alas! It is now time to dare yourself…Dare to dream!