A Desire

Written by: Muhammad Shanazar

I wish I were a seasonal bird, 
That travels flying around the world, 
With sweet companionship of a partner, 
Whose heart knows nothing except, 
Faithfulness, how to share the pangs. 

Then I fly with the delighted light heart, 
Caring least the self made boundaries, 
Of the countries or continents, across 
The foaming wavy seas; to search, 
The land, plains or isolated valleys, 
Where neither one makes victim the other, 
Nor playfully breaks the brittle hearts, 
Nor does cast fear holding the fatal guns. 

I would then chirp on the far off shores, 
And dance along the ballet of the waves, 
Away from the polluted and violent world 
Of man, of which each nook and corner, 
Smokes, smoulders and smells with hateful, 
Explosives amid the shattered cottages.