Written by: tom bell

The world is filled
With those who kill
With God's name on their lips
Oh how morally ill,
Be he Buddah, Christ, Mohammed,
Krishna, no matter what the name,
What you have done, is totally insane

You wanker, you fool,
You kIll for 72 virgins,
Or spreading your gospel,
With unholy excursions,

The sex of a dead man
More than you deserve,
Your insult to God,
Beyond any word

You Nazi, you fool,
You brainless devil's tool,
Just wait till you die,
You dweller of cesspool

For each life taken,
Is counted off before you
As you beg mercy,
For what you did do

Scum of the Earth,
Subhuman of heart
When you do succumb,
It's only the start

Of enjoying your afterlife,
Sorry, no women for you,
You'll be the devil's plaything,
For all the evil you did do.