The Planet XB2

Written by: David Dowling

Please excuse me if I stare,
it's just a thing I do.
you see, I'm from a planet far,
that we call XB2.

On XB2 we don't have love,
and no one sticks together.
There is no better for the worse,
and no worse for the better.

We neglect anniversaries,
and no presents are shared.
There are no rings or other things,
to express that we care.

Some believe that we have peace,
because of this decision.
There is no trust that is deceived,
because no trust is given.

But, despite the unity,
and harmony enjoyed.
It seems that we would gladly feud,
if love would fill that void.

On XB2 we don't have love,
be thankful that you do.
For I have seen that life needs love,
and therefore, love needs you.